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Could you please tell me, between March 1st 2020 and the date of this email (02/09/2021)?

1) How many comments through the patient advice and liaison system (PALS)*, as well as official complaints, has your Trust received from patients complaining about limited access to neonatal care units as a result of COVID-19 restrictions?
Please do this by searching for complaints containing any of the words “neonatal”, “covid”, “covid-19”, “coronavirus”, “incubator”, “baby”.
2) Can you select the five most recent complaints and provide me with the following details:
a) a summary of the complaint (e.g., a couple whose baby spent two weeks in an incubator following premature birth complained about not being allowed to enter the neonatal care unit together and for only a limited number of hours per day)
b) the exact wording of the complaint, with redactions to remove potentially identifying information
c) what action the Trust took in response

Download response Neonatal care unit access complaints, Covid-19 220921.docx