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1. Do you conduct multi-parametric MRI (mpMRI) scans (using T2-weighted, diffusion-weighted and dynamically enhanced sequences) before prostate biopsies?
If no, it would be helpful to know what the main reasons are:
If yes, it would be helpful if you can you provide an estimate of the percentage of men who receive an mpMRI scan before prostate biopsy:
2. How many scanners do you have available to use for mpMRI scans before prostate biopsy?
3. For each individual scanner used for mpMRI scans before prostate biopsy, please provide the following:
• Make
• Model
• Magnetic field strength
• Age
• When the scanner is due to be replaced
4. How many mpMRI scans before prostate biopsy do you estimate you carry out per year?
• 0
• Up to 50
• 50 -100
• 100 – 250
• 250 – 500
• 500 – 750
• 750 – 1000
• More than 1000
5. i. Do you intend to increase the number of mpMRI scans before prostate biopsy following the first results from the large clinical trial PROMIS?
The ASCO 2016 abstract has shown mpMRI as a triage test can identify one quarter of men (27%) who might safely avoid unnecessary biopsy, without impairing the detection of clinically significant cancer (…).
5. ii If yes, do you currently have sufficient resources and capacity to cope with this increase?

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