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1. For the calendar year of 2019, please could you tell me how many individual MRI examinations were performed overall?
2. For the calendar year of 2019, please could you give a breakdown of the individual MRI examinations performed into body part/area? For instance, how many brain scans, spine scans etc. I am happy with whichever body part description is input in the PACS system.
3. As of March 1st, 2021, how many MRI requests are on the waiting list waiting to be scanned? Please could I have this broken down into individual body part/examination too (like in question 2)?
4. How much money was paid to private companies during the calendar year 2019 for the outsourcing of MRI either to mobile MRI units, private hospitals or private companies staffing hospital scanners to scan NHS patients?
5. From question 4 which companies were used and how many patients were scanned?

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