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Please provide the total number of, the manufacturer, the model number(s), and the emplacement type of each individual MRI scanner used in the last year by your trust.
For each of the individual MRI scanner above, in which year was it purchased (or contracted), what was the purchase method, and the scheduled replacement year.
For each of the individual MRI scanner above, please provide the maintenance provider (if applicable).
Please provide the total number of MRI scanners in your trust (static sites only, excluding any mobile scanners), as well as the total number of days during which a MRI Mobile Scanner was used / contracted in your trust annually, for the period from financial year 2005/06 until 2015/16.
Where the number of static MRI scanners changed during a financial year, please list the number of static scanners in operation on 31st March for the year in question.
Please provide the number of MRI scans/procedures performed by external providers (3rd party providers, such as Alliance Medical, InHealth, etc.) on behalf of the trust over the same period.
How much was paid per scan/procedures on average, every year over the same period? Please list by external provider name.
Please detail the normal staffed hours of operation for each individual MRI scanner. In addition, please note which (if any) of the MRI scanners is available for emergency and urgent scanner (e.g. referrals from A&E or medical assessment unit).
Please provide the number of staff employed in your Imaging Department (FTEs = Full Time Equivalent), for each site you may operate, and whether the operation of the scanner(s) and the reporting are done in-house, partly outsourced to a third party provider (supplementing in-house staff) or fully outsourced to a third party provider.
Please describe the availability of free space you currently have within the radiology / imaging sites of your trust, and whether it would be sufficient to add an additional MRI scanner (assuming an increase in demand would require one additional scanner).
Please provide the list of activities (clinical and non-clinical areas) for which your trust (partly) relies on the use of third party providers, and whether those activities have been outsourced to a third party provider outside the hospital ground or within the existing premises.

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