You contacted all NHS trusts that provide mental health services formally request information as to what interventions or services meeting this remit already exist. Examples might include:
• Welfare / debt / money management / housing / legal advice in a mental health setting (inpatient, community or at point of referral)
• Education to service users about managing finances, particularly if it addresses the emotional and behavioural aspects of this (for example through a recovery college)
• Screening and support to access advice available elsewhere
• Integrated care pathways for mental health and financial / welfare support
• Support into employment, such as individualised placement support
• Measures to support mental health staff to make referrals for financial advice (eg a central database of advice agencies, a prompting or screening process, training on welfare advice)
• Helplines that can give financial advice alongside mental health support
• Social prescribing (for example to adult learning)
• Peer support projects for people with both financial and mental health problems

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