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Please could you provide the following information in relation to your delivery of care, for those patients newly diagnosed with Melanoma cancer at your Trust.
1. Within your NHS Trust could you confirm what ‘follow up regime’ you normally provide for newly diagnosed patients by Melanoma Stage (IA-IIC) and the number of years (1 to 5) the follow up continues for, in line with your clinical protocols? To help with completion we have inserted a table below. Or please provide back in excel if easier.
2. Could you please provide a copy of the latest service specification for your Melanoma skin cancer service at the Trust, which shows the care pathway that you provide? Normally found under ‘Schedule 2’ of the Standard contract in place, with your commissioner
3. Could you please confirm if you use any ‘send away dermatopathology services’ within your NHS Trust? A send away or referral service is one where the pathology work is contracted out to a third party laboratory. Yes or No
4. Could you please confirm for your Trust in 2018/19, the following numbers of newly diagnosed Melanoma skin cancer patients and the number of these who have received a subsequent Sentinel Lymph Node biopsy by Melanoma Stage?

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