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1. What contractual relationships are in place for supplying agency doctors and who is responsible for managing them?
2. Who is your primary point of contact for decision making regarding supply chain for Agency Doctors?
3. How many agencies are used to supply agency doctors?
4. Of these agencies, how many are off framework – please list them?
5. Over the past 6 months, how many shifts have been filled via an off framework agency?
6. Who is your highest paid agency doctor, what is their speciality and their hourly charge?
7. Please outline your spend per agency, broken down by grade and speciality of doctor over the past 6 months?
8. Do you have a Master Vendor for Agency Doctors In place? If so, who are they and when are they contracted until?
9. If you have a Master Vendor in place, what is your current average % fill rate from your Master Vendor Provider for Medical Locums for the past 6 months?
10. If you have a Master Vendor in place, how many hours of work for medical locums have been booked outside of your Master Vendor arrangement in the past 6 months?
11. If you have a Master Vendor in place, what % of bookings by your Master Vendor Provider are at the NHSI capped rates in the past 6 months?
12. What is your total (£) off framework agency spend for Agency Doctors?
13. Does the trust utilise a Direct Engagement method of payment for agency doctors and if so whom?
14. What % of Agency Doctors are paid via Direct Engagement Method? And Outside of Direct Engagement?
15. How many doctors working are Deemed Outside of IR35 working at the trust?

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