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1. If you have a maternity unit within your trust how many patients or members of the public made a complaint relating to the maternity unit in the
(i) 2018/19 financial year,
(ii) 2019/20 financial year
(iii) The period from 1.4.20 to 30.9.20.
2. How many of these complaints in relation to the period 1.4.20 to 30.9.20 made reference to (i) equipment shortage or failure, (ii) a lack of adequate staff and (iii) staff attitude or performance.
Please note that a complaint identified in Q.1 may give rise to being a complaint about one, two or all three items in Q.2 and should be recorded separately in each category.
3. For each complaint identified in Q.2 please provide a summary of the circumstances. Please use the attached spreadsheet as the level of detail I would like.

Download response Maternity unit complaints. 241220