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1, What is your current funded establishment (staffing) in the maternity service – please give a breakdown of type of job and numbers of posts and pay bands (i.e. Head of Midwifery, consultant midwives, midwives, medical registrar, ancillary staff etc.). Please provide whole-time equivalents, wte.
2, On November 11th 2015, please give a breakdown of the vacancies (on the basis of job grade outlined in question 1 by wte). Please tell me how many of those vacancies (based on job grade) have been vacant for:
Less than 1 month
1 to 3 months
3 + months
3, On November 11th 2015 from 00.01 to 24.00, in total how many women in the maternity services department were in established labour? Of those women, how many received 1 to 1 care from a midwife for the entire duration of established labour?
4, On November 11th 2015, how many midwives were rota’ed on duty – and how many were on duty?

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