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1. During the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic have you introduced new policies or practices to any of your services relating to maternity care (antenatal, intrapartum, postnatal) which either restrict or completely prohibit partners/parents/birth partners (referred to as ‘partners’ from now on) attending planned or unplanned care because of COVID-19? (Y/N)
If yes, please go to Q2. If no, please go to Q6.
2. If restrictions have been introduced, please provide brief details of the policy (e.g. number of partners allowed to attend, length of time partners are allowed to attend for) in the relevant section(s) of the table below.
Type of service Brief details of any restriction(s) introduced (e.g. partners banned altogether; restricted number of hours partners can attend for; or other relevant policy details).
a. Antenatal scans
b. Antenatal routine care (e.g. midwife appointments)
c. Antenatal, non-routine care (e.g. assessment for reduced foetal movements)
d. Admission for induction of labour or latent phase of labour
e. Intrapartum care – homebirth
f. Intrapartum care – freestanding midwifery led unit
g. Intrapartum care – alongside midwifery led unit
h. Intrapartum care – consultant led unit
i. Intrapartum care – delivery in theatre
j. Postnatal care – post birth and on the postnatal ward
k. Community postnatal clinics
3. Do restrictions in place, or related policies/practice, include provision for extenuating circumstances (e.g. mental health conditions, disabilities, pre-term birth, or following deliveries with complications) (Y/N). If yes please provide brief details.
4. Please indicate (Y/N) whether the restrictions detailed above were informed by:
a. Guidance issued by a professional body (please detail which body)
b. Engagement with service users
c. Other (please provide brief details)
5. Are these restrictions still in place (Y/N)? If not, please provide the date/an estimate of the date when they were removed.
6. Please provide details of any firm plans in place to introduce new restrictions on partner attendance at maternity services (e.g. in the event of a local lockdown, in the event of a major 2nd wave).

Download response Maternity services restrictions on partner attendance during COVID-19. 030920