1) The number of under 16’s who were admitted to hospital for the following:
– E40 , E41 , E42 , E43 , E44 , E45 to E46: Malnutrition
– T73.0: Effects of other deprivation – effects of hunger
– E54 : Ascorbic acid deficiency (Inc. scurvy)
– E55 : Rickets, active
– E50 : Vitamin A deficiency
– A15, A16, A17, A18, A19: Tuberculosis

In a) 2010 and b) 2017. I would ask that you include the any patients within these figures who may have other ailments alongside these that could have contributed to admission.
2) For a) 2010 and b) 2017 can you tell me how many were A & E admissions for the symptoms above (even in part) and how many were routine or non A&E admissions?

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