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It has come to my attention that there is a disproportionately high number of patients are presenting to Maidstone Respiratory Clinic from people living in Vigo, Gravesend.

I would be grateful if you could provide me with any information you hold on the number of recorded patients you have from Vigo over the past ten years with lung cancer. That would include both incidence and prevalence figures.

Before we commenced extracting any data the Trust highlighted the following to you and asked if you were happy for us to proceed with your request with the following limitations.
• Data will only be as long as the data system has been used, (since 2009)
• Postcodes used have been identified as those listed below, as this is a not an area we can identify any other way from our system.

DA13 0RL
DA13 0SB
DA13 0RR
DA13 0UU
DA13 0SR
DA13 0UT
DA13 0TG
DA13 0ST
DA13 0TD
DA13 0SH
DA13 0TA
DA13 0SF
DA13 0TQ
DA13 0SX
DA13 0RY
DA13 0SP
DA13 0SU
DA13 0SQ
DA13 0RZ
DA13 0SJ
DA13 0TE
DA13 0SY
DA13 0SG
DA13 0SN
DA13 0SL
DA13 0SW

• We cannot give prevalence, and not even incidence really since this is new cases, rather we can give just numbers in those postcodes specified that are on our system, I.e. being treated by the Trust.
• This will be for patients under Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust (MTW) with lung cancer in that postcode area each year, so if they moved in or out, they will appear or disappear (i.e. diagnosis may or may not have been made by MTW depending if they first presented with suspected cancer to us or whether they moved into the area after diagnosis was already made elsewhere).

You confirmed that you were happy to proceed with the listed limitations.

Download response Lung cancer cases in Vigo. 121018