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1. Are the Locum Audiologists that are selected by the trust registered with a regulatory body? If not, why not and when will this become a mandatory trust requirement?
2. Does the trust believe in regulated professionals raising the quality of care given to patients as per other trusts where mandatory registration with the RCCP is a precursor?
3. When does the trust envision the newly recruited Audiologists taking up their posts? Will the locum cover cease or continue after this date?
4. Has the trust sought to recruit band 5 locum’s? When was the last time this was attempted to reduce costs? Is this something the trust would consider now to save taxpayer’s money?
5. What is the present weekly spend on locum’s excluding agency fees per full time (2) and part time locum?
6. What is the process in place for the trust in “increasing hourly rates” as per previous FOI – who makes the final decision on the rate given to a locum Audiologist and how is this audited?
7. Within the trust recruitment checks are immediate prior employers (locum) sought for a reference or does MTW NHS trust allow for references from any sources? How does the trust ensure competency with the locums used?

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