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We request the first 25 type-written letters of complaint that your Trust received after 1st October 2013. If your Trust contains more than one unit, we request that the letters are from across the units.

Anonymity of patient letters: The letters will contain personally identifying information, and we request that all personally identifying information be redacted from the letters (i.e., information about addresses, dates, units attended, sexuality, religion, ethnicity, age etc.). We only request information about the patient’s experience of the NHS. We understand that the resultant letters may be heavily redacted.

Why we have selected your Trust: Your trust has been randomly selected. We want a national sample of letters of complaint received by NHS Acute Trusts, and your Trust is an Acute Trust.

Anonymity of your Trust: The name of your trust will not appear in any of our research. The letters which you provide will be aggregated with letters from other Trusts, and will in no way be traceable back to your trust. We are not interested in the identity of any particular Trust.

Download response Letters of complaint 2013. 310517