Please could you provide the following information from your IT department?
* Number of Sites
* Number of Employees
* Number of IT Staff
* Annual IT Budget
Key dates:
Server Refresh
Server Support
Virtualisation Refresh
Virtualisation Support
Storage Refresh
Storage Support
Desktop Refresh
Desktop Support
Backup Refresh
Backup Support
VDI Refresh
VDI Support
Network Refresh
Network Support
DR Contract Renewal date
Name of Supplier:
Number of Desktops
Do you use VDI?
If so what platform do you use?
Number of Windows Servers
Number of UNIX/Linux Servers
What operating system do you use?
Percentage Virtualised
Virtualisation platform
Server Vendor
Value of contract
Database vendors
Email provider
PACS Provider
VNA Provider
SSO Provider
EPR Provider
Database Archival
Email Archival
File Archival
Volume of Data in TB
Storage Vendor
Storage Virtualisation
Tape Vendor
Backup Software
Disk Backup
What do you Backup to (vendor hardware)?
Value of backup support contract
What networking equipment do you use in the Datacentre?
Network speed
Storage Network
Value of contract
Do you use WAN optimisation?
If so what product do you use?
Have you virtualised your networks?
Network virtualisation vendor
What legacy infrastructure falls outside these support contracts:
Which services do you outsource?
When does your contract refresh?
Who are your providers?
Do you use any Cloud services?
If yes, which ones?
What automation tools do you use
Do you do a Cloud File Storage Provider? Who?
How far are you in your cloud strategy?
a) Not considering Cloud for the foreseeable future
b) Interested in Cloud, but have not started looking into it
c) Research Stage
d) Meeting with Suppliers
e) Consultancy
f) Started to integrate
g) Fully integrated
In addition, please could you provide a copy of your IT Strategy for 2016 and an Organisation chart depicting the IT department with contact names?

Download response IT Systems 160916