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1. How many people work in your organisation?
2. How many operational sites does the organisation have?
3. Who has the overall responsibility for the disposal of IT equipment within the organisation? Please supply Name, Job Title, Telephone and Email contact details.
4. Does the organisation currently have an IT asset disposal policy?
5. Do you use a third-party IT asset disposal company for this?
6. What is the name of that third-party?
7. Do you have a contract in place with this company?
8. How often are disposal collections run?
9. If a contract is in place, when does this expire?
10. Do you currently pay for this service? If so, what is the typical cost over a 12-month period?
11. How old is each asset before it is disposed of? E.g. 3 / 4/ 5 years
12. Do you presently receive any money back (rebates) for IT assets that you send to your disposal company?
13. For devices with a hard drive, do you require full destruction of hard drives, or just erasure and certification of erasure?
14. Does the organisation have the ability to track an individual asset to ascertain the final route and destination of each asset disposed of? In the event of a data breach, how could you prove who had legal custody of each asset, and at what stage?
15. Does your organisation have a contract in place for shredding of other forms of data, namely paper documents?
16. What ISO accreditations do you require for a disposal company to have in order to work with your organisation?
17. Who is the current appointed Data Protection Officer within the organisation, or person that presently deals with data protection? Please supply Name, Job Title, Telephone and Email contact details.
18. Are there presently any other services that your organisation requires around the lifetime management of your IT assets?

Download response IT and Telecommunication equipment disposal processes. 240821.docx