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1. The cost of providing food to patients at your trust for the years 2015/16 and 2016/17. Please can this data be expressed in terms of the average cost per patient per day? It can be either per financial year or calendar year, whichever way your system records it – but please make clear which one you are providing in your response.
2. The number of complaints received about food at your trust received in 2017 (financial year or calendar year as applicable) and any details you have regarding the nature of those complaints (food temperature, menu variety, presentation etc.)
3. The percentage of food returned untouched in 2017 (financial year or calendar year as applicable) and what happens to the uneaten food.
4. How many of the 5 food standards required by the standard NHS Contract is your trust currently meeting? The standards I refer to are listed in detail here
5. Do you cook fresh food on site for patients?
6. Does your trust ask for feedback from patients regarding their experiences of hospital food?

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