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Please provide me with the following information relating to the provision of haemofiltration or continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) within the intensive care units (ICU’s) of your NHS Trust:
1. The name of your Trust.
2. The names of the hospitals within your Trust.
3. The ICU’s conducting haemofiltration / CRRT within your Trust.
4. The number of patients treated with CRRT per year within your Trust.
5. Current provider of CRRT services to your Trust.
6. The preferred CRRT modality.
7. The name of the Lead Clinician, in each hospital, responsible for CRRT services.
8. The name of the person in Procurement responsible for the CRRT contract in your Trust.
9. Date of the next tender for CRRT services.
10. A copy of the previous successful tender for CRRT services.

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