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1. Do the clinical areas in the Trust still use paper records?
2. Do the clinical areas in the trust still use paper to record medical observations?
3. Do any paper documents get scanned into the Electronic record?
4. How many documents get scanned into the Electronic document per annum?
5. How much is the trust spending on scanning paper documents into the Electronic record per annum inclusive of resources and hardware?
6. Is the Trust still using paper for patient questionnaires?
7. Is the trust still using paper for procedural consent documentation?
8. Has the current system got the functionality to store photographs and videos within the patient record?
9. Does the patient record system include digital signature for patients signing legal documentation?
10. Does the current system have a function where patients can access their own health record?
11. Does the EPR have a function for clinical noting used on ward rounds?
12. Does the system have Medical documentation templates that can be changed to suit specialised needs?
13. Does the system have an Administration Function?
14. Does the system have Administration dashboards that feed outcomes from medical documentation?
15. Does the system contain different modules, if so, what modules are they?
16. What are the System costs per user if applicable?
17. Cost of application?
18. What are your On-going maintenance costs or SLA?
19. How many staff are using the system?
20. Does the system have Medical OPC Coding Information and storage?
21. Does the system have its own Business information analysis tools?
22. What is your approximate Outpatient activity per annum?
23. What is your approximate Inpatient Activity per annum?
24. TIE costs per annum?
25. What PAS system do you use?
26. What are your PAS costs per annum?
27. Self-Check In – Yes/No
28. Does the EPR have an integrated Theatre logistics system?
29. Is the Theatre logistics system into the Patient record system or does the users need to log into a separate system to plan Theatre lists and complete Theatre Documentation?
30. What system is used to produce Operation notes and is this system integrated into the patient record?
31. What is the Theatre system cost per annum?
Order Communications
32. Order Communication system for Radiology?
33. Order Communications system for Laboratory?
34. Results/Diagnostic system or alerting Radiology?
35. Results/Diagnostic system or alerting Laboratory?
36. Is the Order Communications system integrated into the Patient record system or does the user need to log into a separate system to order diagnostics?

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