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1. Does the trust manage the digitisation of its patient records on-site or is this an outsourced service?
2. If outsourced who is the current provider, when did the contract start and what is the contract term?
a. Was this contract awarded via any Frameworks e.g. CCS RM1063?
b. What is the cost of digitising patient records within the trust?
c. What is the cost of digitising patient records with outsourced providers?
d. What are the trusts targets for having patient files scanned and hard-copy notes available as digital images?
3. If the patient file scanning is provided in house how many staff are involved in:
a. Preparing and/or scanning medical records/patient files?
b. Distributing (delivering or collecting) physical notes around the estate?
c. Retrieving and collecting physical notes from on-site stores?
4. What is the volume of patient record creation per day/week/month by the trust (day forward records)?
a. Is the scanning of patient records linked to any Document Management systems?
b. If so can you confirm which ones are used within the trust?
5. What is your average number of daily created paper records?
6. Does the trust currently scan documents at department level?
a. If so, what hardware is used to scan records?
b. How were they procured?
c. Who in the trust is responsible for the contract management and procurement of these technologies?
7. Please outline which departments are scanning physical paper records and average daily volumes, both back scan and day forward (if they can be separated).
8. Is there a quality standard to adhere to within the trust for scanning paper notes?
9. Does the trust scan other records than patient files?
a. If yes could you please supply daily volumes of record scanning?
b. If yes, please also supply types of records which are scanned?
10. Can you please provide the contact details including email address/format of the trust’s IT Director?
a. If the IT Director is not responsible for digital transformation, please supply contact details, including email address/format of the person(s) who are.
b. Please also supply the details of those responsible for managing patient records (scanning, physical storage and delivery etc).
11. Could you please supply a current organisational chart for medical records, digitisation services and digital transformation programmes?

Download response Electronic Patient Records and Documents Scanning. 100519