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1. Is there an electronic system used for the clinical management of in-patients?
If yes:
• Does it include and connect all the clinical (nursing, medical, physiotherapy etc.) assessments, drug chart, MEWS chart and documentation electronically, or are they completed in paper and then scanned in?
• Is the same program used in all the clinical wards?
• Is this provided by an external supplier, or has it been developed internally? If it’s an external supplier, which company is it and what is the name of the program?
• Was the supplier chosen through a bidding process, and if yes, which other companies took part in it?
• How can I have a view of it?
• How much does it cost for purchase, service and technical support?
2. Are Electronic Medical Records operating in the Trust?
If yes:
• Do they include and connect all the stages of a patient’s journey, from referral to discharge, including in-patient and out-patient spells and details?
3. Is the Trust operating with ‘preferred suppliers’, or could any supplier present a new product, after meeting the requirements of the ‘Suppliers Access Policy’?

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