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Within your health trust how many patients are, within the past 6 months that you have data available, being treated with the following treatments? This is regardless for the disease being treated.

Disodium pamidronate (Aredia)
Ibandronic acid or ibandronate (Bondronat)
Sodium clodronate (Bonefos, Clasteon, Loron)
Zoledronic acid or zoledronate (Zometa)
Denosumab (Xgeva)
Omalizumab [Xolair]
Mepolizumab [Nucala]
Reslizumab [Cinqaero]
Benralizumab [Fasenra]
How many paediatric patients have been treated in the last 6 months with Xolair/omalizumab?

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