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Name of Trust:
Please note, ALL the following questions relate to Medical Oxygen cylinders ONLY
1. Does your Trust use Medical Oxygen cylinders that have a pin index cylinder valve and require a discrete (removable) regulator to function?
If ‘Yes’ please continue
2. On average, how many discrete regulator cylinders are rented each month on an annual basis?
3. On average, how many of this particular cylinder type is replenished each month?
4. How many discrete regulators are held on inventory for use with this type of cylinder?
5. Do you also rent ‘integrated valve’ cylinders? (e.g. cylinders with regulators already fitted as an integral part of the package – BOC CD cylinder for example)
6. If you have answered ‘yes’ to question 1. And question 5., what is the proportion of each type of cylinder in use? A ratio or percentage would do. (E.g. 70:30 in favour of discrete or 70% discrete, 30% integrated)
7. Has your Trust ever reported a failure to supply or an unexpected cylinder ‘runout’ whilst using a discrete regulator on a cylinder?

Download response Discrete cylinder regulators. 070921.docx