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1) Of those 233 patients discharged to care homes as above, how many were coded as having a diagnosis of
a) COVID-19 or
b) Suspected COVID-19 but did not receive a test before being discharged to a care home?

2. NHS Providers reports that it approached all NHS trusts for information about how trusts discharged possible COVID-19 patients into care homes

Please confirm if NHS Providers approached Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust for such information

Please share the records of NHS Providers’ enquiry to the trust, and the trust’s response

3. Has Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust been advised by local Public Health services, Public Health England or care home providers of any care home COVID-19 outbreaks that have been traced back to patients discharged from a trust hospital to the care homes in question?

Specifically, is the trust aware of any transmission from any of the 24 COVID-19 positive patients, discharged by the trust to care homes, to other care home residents following discharge into those care homes?

If so, please advise of the details.

Download response Discharge of known and possible COVID-19 patients by the trust into care homes. 271020