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1. Please tell us which Trust, Health Board or Health and Social Care Trust you are responding on behalf of?
2. What percentage of men receive mpMRI before biopsy as part of the initial diagnostic process using T2-weighted, diffusion-weighted (multi-b ADC and high/long b) and dynamic contrast enhanced (DCE) sequences?
3. What are your eligibility criteria/exclusion criteria for men to receive pre-biopsy mpMRI?
4. Are you using mpMRI before biopsy to rule some men out of biopsy as part of the initial diagnostic process?
5. What mpMRI scores and/or other clinical factors are used to rule men out of biopsy?
6. Do you intend to use mpMRI to rule men out of biopsy in the future?
7. How many men annually are referred?
8. If you are unable to provide numbers for question 6, please estimate the percentage of all men referred for b, c and d.
9. Do you carry out targeted biopsies in men with mpMRI lesions in addition to systematic biopsies?
(Please indicate with a X below)
If No, what are the reasons for not carrying this out? (e.g. expertise, equipment, don’t believe it makes a difference)
10. If you do not currently carry out targeted biopsies, but wish to in the future, what are the current barriers to doing so?
(Please indicate with a X below)
11. Please indicate the number of uroradiologists undertaking prostate MRI
12. How many scanners do you have available for mpMRI before biopsy?
Has this increased in the last 12 months?
13. What percentage of scanner time is dedicated to mpMRI before biopsy?

Download response Diagnostic data on an MRI technique for men with suspected prostate cancer.270318