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1. Is your hospital part of a multi-agency integrated network that shares data for analysis? If so, please confirm with which agencies you share data (i.e. police, social services, fire services, etc.)
2. Is your hospital part of any of the following networks and, if so, do you share data for analysis with other organisations in this network:
a. Integrated Care Partnership
b. Integrated Care System
c. Primary care groups, e.g. GP’s
d. Local Integrated Care Record Exemplars
3. If your hospital is part of a multi-agency integrated network that shares data for analysis, does the network conduct analysis for the following use cases:
a. To understand key population health issues
b. To allocate funding for key preventative work
c. To identify vulnerable and high-risk people for support interventions
For the following questions, we define a data literacy programme as a training programme for employees that helps them learn how to read, understand, question and analyse data.
4. Do you have a data literacy programme?
5. If so, is the data literacy programme made available to people in the following roles (please confirm for each of the following roles listed): Physician, Nurse, Pharmacist, Management, Accountant/Finance, HR and Recruitment, IT Office, Administrative Assistants, Data analyst/scientist (including roles such as Performance Reporting and Informatics)

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