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Question 1: What is the total number of critical care beds (Level 2 and Level 3) per 100,000 of the population your trust serves?
1. If you cover both secondary and tertiary care, please provide your TOTAL bed:population ratio for the whole trust, AND a figure for both types of service
Question 2: How many critically ill patients were transferred from your hospital to another hospital’s critical care unit for non-clinical reasons in 2016-17?
Question 3: How many days in 2016-17 was the occupancy of your critical care beds over 85% at least one point during those 24 hours?
Question 4: How many patients had an elective operation cancelled due to lack of a critical care bed capacity in 2016-17?
Question 5: How many days in 2016-17 was at least one critical care bed closed due to lack of staff for at least part of the day?

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