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1. Please confirm how many of the 1367 patients admitted from 1 January to 21 December 2021 were admitted where the sole reason for hospitalisation was COVID-19 or any complication of this, who were then confirmed by positive PCR test within 8 days. Please exclude from this figure any patients who were admitted due to other reasons who tested positive within 8 days, as well as any patients who may have been admitted due to adverse reactions following the COVID-19 vaccine.

2. According to your breakdown below, the grand total of patients who have received at least one COVID-19 vaccine was 651. Since you claim 1367 patients were admitted during the stated period who tested positive within 8 days, this would render 716 patients who were unvaccinated.
2a. The 10th column on your table stated 267 patients had no vaccine. Can you please confirm this is the case and also explain why these 267 patients have a category of “no vaccine” on their own and why the other 716 patients (total admissions – grand total provided by you) have not been included in this category?
2b. Can you confirm that the 716 patients, that is, the total admissions of patients who tested positive within 8 days (1367) minus the grand total of patients on your table (651) had not received any COVID-19 injection or booster? Just to clear and avoid misunderstandings, I am asking you to use the word unvaccinated to mean somebody who has not had any vaccine injected in their body at any time and conversely, vaccinated means someone who has had a vaccine irrespective of how long it has been since they had received it or the number of vaccines they have received.

3. Your answer to my third question was “Total number of patients admitted within 8 days of a positive swab from 1 January to 21 December 2021 who died – 149”.
Similarly, to question 1, this may include patients who had died due to complications of other issues such as cancer, a road traffic accident or a heart attack who had tested positive within 8 days of admission.
3a. Please confirm how many of the 149 patients you stated died solely due to COVID-19 or any complication thereof and exclude from this number any patient who died due to other medical conditions, including complications from taking a COVID-19 vaccine.

4. Your reply to my last question was “Confirmation of Sars CoV2 is by PCR testing. Cut off for positive is 28 CT”.
4a. Can you please confirm that all 1367 patients who were admitted to hospital between 1st January 2021 and 21st December 2021 had tested positive by returning a positive PCR test result at 28 CT?
4b. Has the CT cut off benchmark varied within the period in question? If so, please provide a breakdown of any periods where the cut off benchmark has been altered.

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