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1. How many NHS staff currently working at your trust remain unvaccinated with a Covid19 vaccine? Including bank/agency workers.
2. What percentage of your overall staff does this equate to?
3. Since the start of the pandemic (01/03/20), with your data from staff absence due to Covid19, contact tracing and Healthcare acquired infection (HCAI), what percentage of HCAI is directly attributable to Covid19 infection in an NHS frontline worker?
4. Since the vaccination programme has started (Approx. Dec 2020), what is the breakdown of this being from
a. a covid 19 vaccinated NHS worker
b. unvaccinated NHS worker?
5. If not directly attributable, what is the rate of your patients in non Covid19 wards/area getting a HCAI and becoming infected with Covid19 within a set time frame (~10days) of an NHS worker in that ward/area testing positive for Covid 19?
6. What is the breakdown of this being
a. a Covid19 vaccinated NHS worker
b. non-vaccinated NHS worker?

Download response Covid-19, vaccinations and Healthcare acquired infection (HCAI). 081221.docx