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1. I would like to know how many people have died in your hospitals from COVID-19 alone. As in they died only due to COVID-19. I can see the figures that you publish online, but these are deaths within 28 days of a positive COVID test, so they could have died from other causes. I just want to know the exact figure from 1st February 2020 until 28th March 2021 of people that have died due to COVID-19 and not anything else.
2. The percentage & number of people with underlying health conditions in the overall total.
3. The percentage & number of those without underlying health conditions.
4. If someone had died outside of the 28 days of testing positive would COVID-19 still be their cause of death i.e. Covid-19 (pneumonia) or would it just be pneumonia?
5. Lastly, the vaccination is authorised for emergency use only and is still in live clinical trials until 2023, do you make patients aware of this before they are given their vaccine?

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