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Please can you supply me with the following monthly data for the trust, for March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December 2020?
1. How many people were unable to have treatments for illnesses and conditions due to the Covid-19/Coronavirus crisis?
2. How many of these cases were for life threatening illnesses and conditions?
3. How many people had further health complications because of missing these treatments?
4. How many people died because of missing these treatments?
5. How many mental health admissions were due to COVID 19/coronavirus issues?
6. How many Covid 19/Coronavirus patients were in intensive care units?
7. Total number of beds in the trust at the time?
8. How many of these beds were occupied?
If applicable, could you also provide the following:
9. Community Occupancy %
10. Adult Mental Health Beds Occupancy %
11. Older Adult Mental Health Occupancy %
12. How many of the patients died FROM Coronavirus/Covid-19
13. How many of the patients died WITH Coronavirus/Covid-19

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