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• Provision of online payment acceptance – e.g. online website payments or payment portals
• Provision of point of sale card/EPOS machines – e.g. as found in payment offices or reception areas
• Provision of MOTO (Mail Order and Telephone Order) payment acceptance
• Provision of Direct Debit services
• Provision of over the counter payment services, e.g. as used to make payments in Post Office & Pay Point outlets (if relevant)
• Merchant Acquirer services
I would appreciate you providing the following for each of the above points, by completing the attached spreadsheet:
• Current supplier/s names
• Scope of current Contract
• Contract End Date
• Approximate date of your next sourcing/tender exercise
• Annual Value of the Contract
• Annual transaction volume & value, where known
• Contact details of the member(s) of Staff responsible for payment collection

Download response Contractual and supply chain arrangements. 250121