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Please provide the name and city of the unit that you work in
NHS Trust name
Complementary Therapies
1. How many births are there per annum at the unit where you work?
2. What is your annual % of women undergoing induction of labour for postdates pregnancy rate?
3. Does your Trust have a Clinical Lead or Service Lead for the use of complementary therapies?
If Yes
Name of clinical lead or service lead
Job Title
4. What care pathway does your Trust use for women with postdates pregnancy?
5. If your trust has a complementary therapy service or clinic what provision is made for women with postdates pregnancy?
6. If your Trust offers a complementary therapy treatment for women with postdates pregnancy, on average how many weeks gestation is the treatment offered?
7. Please select from the list below those professionals who are qualified as complementary therapists and routinely involved in the provision of complementary therapy services in the unit where you work (please select all that apply)
8. Who refers women to this complementary therapy service (please select all that apply)?
9. Is routine membrane sweeping offered to women during a complementary therapy treatment?
10. Following a complementary therapy treatment for postdates pregnancy; on estimate how many women still require an induction of labour?
11. If complementary therapies are used to support induction of labour, do you collect data about the effectiveness of the treatments or service?
12. If a multi-centre research study is funded regarding interventions to improve service provision and reduce postdates induction of labour using complementary therapies, might you be interested in participating or contributing?
If yes, please provide the following details
Contact details (Telephone/email)
Address for correspondence

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