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We are seeking information for both general advice relevant to all chemotherapies and anything specific to carboplatin.
As part of this guidance and information we are seeking data including but not limited to:
1. The % and number of patients having the kidney function tests before chemo has begun and after it has begun, with associated outcomes, including mortality rates, split by chemo cycle stage undertaken.
2. The % and number of patients whose GFR tests taken prior to chemo starting, have indicated their kidneys were not functioning sufficiently to enable progression of chemotherapy.
3. It would then be helpful to understand which of those patients guided chemo cannot be progressed, did not progress and those that did (going against doctors wishes if that is possible to do?) and their outcomes.
It needs to reflect a time pre covid that is representative of more ‘normal’ time in treatment of cancers patients and also post pandemic peak when hospitals have been ramping up recovery.
We’d therefore be looking at two periods of data 1) 12 rolling months, February 2018 to Feb 2019 and then 5 months May 2021 to September 2021.
In addition to our questions below we’d like:
4. The specific data on number of patients during those periods who did not have a kidney function test prior to the first chemo cycle e.g total patients given chemo and not given chemo and the numbers of those that had gfr test before and those that did not.
5. For those patients that did not, also confirm of any subsequent kidney failure experienced and at what stage of chemo it was experienced.
6. To make a fair comparison, we’d welcome data of those who experienced kidney failure from chemo and at what stage chemo this happened – who undertook a gfr test prior and whose kidneys were deemed fit enough to withstand chemo treatment.

Chemotherapies and anything specific to carboplatin. 170322.docx