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1. Name of your organisation
2. Does your Trust use a private contractor to oversee the car park?
Yes (if yes please provide name of contractor)
Parking Charges
3. Parking charges made to general public (patients, visitors, etc.)
4. Parking charges made to staff
5. Agreed exemptions from charges
6. How income from charges is used
Parking Fines (fines issued from 1 January 2016 to date)
7. Number of fines issued to the general public
8. Income from those fines
9. Number of fines issued to staff
Income from those fines
10. How income from fines is used
11. Does the policy for fining staff differ from the fines policy for the general public?
Yes (if yes, please advise how the policy differs) No
12. Please provide details of any policy or agreements covering car parking charges (e.g. collective agreement with NHS Trade Unions)

Download response Car parking charges 2016. 140317