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1. Can you tell me what guidance or material midwives or specialist midwives are given for consideration regarding caesarean sections.
This could include – research, the cost of a caesarean and related medical procedures for the hospital/Trust or NHS. If research, please include a brief description – for example, whether the research relates to a possible link between a c-section and autism in children,
2. Please breakdown whether staff are advised whether to share this information with a patient or not (it may be left up to them of course).
If it does not take me over the limit, I would also like to know –
3. Please confirm whether medical staff (including doctors, nurses and midwives) have targets or measured in any other way in terms of the number of caesareans carried out at the hospitals.
4. If there are targets or performance measurement, what are these please and what have the figures been for the last three years?

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