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1a. That there is sufficient parking, with a short and safe route to and from the hospital, and reserved spaces for doctors expected to travel after dark. This includes those who are non-resident and on-call overnight.
1b. How many reserved spaces do you have?
2a. Do you provide an appropriate sleep facility for doctors advising that they feel unable to travel home after a night shift or a long, late shift due to tiredness?
2b.Is this available at short notice (i.e. does not have to be booked in advance)?
2c. How many sleep facilities do you have?
2d. What form does the sleep facility take?
2e. Is there a charge for this?
2f. Who do doctors contact to access this?
2g. Is this on site or at a separate location? If separate, where?
3a. For doctors who feel unsafe to drive and where there is no accommodation available- what alternative travel arrangements are available?
3b. Would the trust cover the cost of a taxi home?
Finally, it states that for doctors working on-call, with sleep facilities – individual rooms – available free of charge for all staff who are rostered or are voluntarily resident on-call at night.
4a How many rooms do you have available?
4b Are they on site or at a separate location and if so what location?
4c Can you confirm that these are free.
5a. Do you keep any records with regards to injuries or deaths sustained by doctors whilst travelling to or from work.
5b. please can you tell us the number of injuries and the number of deaths (as separate figures) that you are aware of.

Download response BMA fatigue and facilities charter. 11.08.20