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(a) Does your trust have a bereavement suite available for use by parents in the event of limited life expectancy of an anticipated birth of a child?

(b) If the answer to (a) is no, what alternative arrangements are available?

(c) If the answer to (a) is yes, would parents of a baby who turn up at hospital with a sudden infant death be allowed to use the bereavement suite?

(d) If the answer is yes to (a) where in relation to the Labour ward is the suite located?

(e) Do you have bereavement trained midwives? If yes, how many?

(f) Do you have a trained bereavement councillor at the hospital? If yes, what is the average waiting time to be able access support from that councillor?

(g) Do you provide any written information to parents following the loss of a baby? If yes, please name the third sector organisation information is provided from.

(h) Can you list the guidelines around infant death which are implemented by the hospital?

(i) Does the hospital provide support around funeral arrangements for infants or babies who have died at the hospital?

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