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1. Do you have any strategy or informal policy that allows adults to be treated in beds/wards that are usually used for paediatric care to help with overcrowding?
2. What is that wording of that strategy?
3. When as it first drawn up?
4. How many times since January 2016 year has this been implemented? If applicable, how many times was it implemented between Jan 2015 and Jan 2016?
5. How many individual adult patients since January 2016 have been treated on child wards/bed -with dates if possible? And the same figure Jan 2015-16.
6. Were there any occasions when adults and children were treated on the same ward?
7. How many times has the hospital been on a) black alert and b) red alert for capacity since January 2016? How many times was it put on a and b from January 2015 – 2016?

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