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1. How much does your aseptic unit cost to run annually?
2. How many aseptically prepared doses does your unit produce per annum?
3. What types of aseptically prepared products does your aseptic unit produce? E.g Parenteral nutrition, antibiotics, cancer chemotherapy?
4. What IT systems does your Aseptic unit currently use to manage the compounding process or help with your prescribing?
5. How many staff do you employ in your aseptic department?
6. How many members of staff are full time equivalents?
7. How many clean rooms do you have in your department?
8. How many isolators do you have in your department?
9. Do you do any outsourcing? Or is all of your compounding carried out in house?
10. Are you a licensed unit? If so, do you compound for any other customers? If yes, who and for how long?
11. What is your unit’s annual drug spend?

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