1. Do you use an appointment reminder service for: (please circle):
  2. Do use an internal integrated PAS system or external provider for your Appointment reminder service? Please state the name of the integrated PAS system or external provider used.
  3. What channels do you use to remind patients about their appointments?
  4. Do you use agent callers to remind patients over a certain age about their appointment?
  5. If home based, what security measures are in place to prevent home-based agent callers from replicating data locally?
  6. Can patients cancel or rearrange appointments using the reminder service?
  7. Please provide details of the member(s) of staff responsible for the implementation and continued running of the service and their role within the Trust?
  8. If a patient does not respond to a reminder or answer a phone call, can your service make further attempts?
  9. Monthly numbers of patients reminded/contacted a month?

Supplier details

  1. Appointment reminder supplier of the above services:
  2. Expected contract length?
  3. Contract review date:
  4. Details of the implementation costs and annual on-going support costs:
  5. Details of the processes followed to procure the reminder service?
  6. Details of the channels used to publish the notification of procurement for the Reminder service?

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