1. Do you use an appointment reminder service for either outpatients, diagnostic imaging, day case admissions, elective admission? Please answer yes or no and provide information on which area of your Trust uses the service.
2. For 2015/2016 what was the number of DNA’s in outpatients? Please provide data as number of first attendances and number of follow ups.
3. For 2015/2016 what was your DNA percentage? Please provide data as a percentage for first attendance appointments, follow ups appointments and then a combined percentage.

Please continue if you answered yes to question one

4. Is this provided in house or outsourced to an external company?
5. If outsourced, which company do you outsource too?
6. What was the annual cost of running an appointment reminder service for 2015/2016?
7. Does your service allow patients to request to cancel or rearrange appointments?
8. If your service allows patients to cancel or rearrange an appointment are they able to use the service to communicate their available or preferred dates/times?
9. What medium are patients communicated with? E.G. SMS, Voice (agent or robot), Smart phone app, etc.?
10. How many days prior to appointment are patients contacted?
11. If a patient does not respond to a reminder or answer a phone call, does your service make further attempts?
12. How does your service confirm the ID of patients for information governance standards?
13. Does your service allow for individual messages to be sent to patients on an ad-hoc basis by hospital staff?
14. Does your service allow for group messages to be sent to patients on an ad-hoc bases by hospital staff?
15. Does your service allow you to conduct surveys?

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