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1. For the 4-month period from January to April 2021, how many patients has your trust treated with the following anti-VEGF treatments:
2. For the patients above, how many were new to anti-VEGF therapy? Please provide the patient numbers by the treatments listed below, excluding patients who previously had any anti-VEGF therapy.
3. Within your trust, how many intra-vitreal injections/implants of each the following treatments have been used (for any eye condition) in the four-month period from January to April 2021:
4. If your trust is able to identify intra-vitreal injections/implants by eye condition, please provide the number of injections/implants used in the four-month period from January to April 2021 for each of the following conditions:
Diabetic Macular Oedema (DMO)
Retinal Vein Occlusion – Central (CRVO) or Branch (BRVO)

Download response Anti-VEFG treatments for eye conditions. 011221.docx