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1. What was the highest amount you paid (including any agency commission/charges) for a single shift filled by each of the following a. a doctor b. a GP (if employed) c. a registered nurse and d. a non-registered support worker/healthcare assistant in the period March 28th to April 19th 2015? Please include date and length of shift and grade of doctor/nurse involved, the department they were needed for (e.g. A&E) and the agency which supplied the doctor/nurse in each case.
2. What percentage of shifts covered by agency staff during this time period were paid in accordance with either an NHS wide or a local framework, and what proportion were off framework?
3. What was your total spend on temporary (locum, agency and bank) clinical staff for 2014-15? Please include doctors, nurses and healthcare assistants/support workers in your answer. What were the comparable figures for 2013-14 and 2012-13?

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