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1. Are off frame work agencies used to cover nurse shifts?
2. On a month by month basis, what was your spend on agencies supplying off frame work nurses from 1st November 2015 to date? Please break down this information by RGN, ITU, CRITICAL, ODP’S, SCRUBS, PAEDS, HDU, A&E, AMU, ADVANCED NURSE PRACTITIONER, HCA’S ETC. If this is not possible then please break down by nurse bands.
3. Which agencies supply off frame work nurses?
4. On a month by month basis, how many times was the break glass clause used from 1st November 2015 to date?
5. Please pick 10 random shifts which were filled via off frame work agencies between 1st November 2015 to date and provide the following for each of the 10 shifts picked at random (it is not essential to name the specific agencies which relate to the chosen shifts):
• Amount that was paid to the agency to fill each shift or the hourly rate paid to the agency
• Number of hours in the shift
• Date shift filled
• The type of nurse used to fill the shift e.g. RGN, ITU, HDU, CRITICAL, A&E, PAEDS etc.
• The type of shift or shift start time e.g. Long Day or Long Night or alternatively shift start time e.g. 08:00 etc.

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