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1. Over the last 5 years, broken down by year, the total number of hours of work provided to the trust by non-substantive doctors, either via a locum agency or a bank staffing system, and the total cost to the trust of those hours.
2. The above information broken down by staff sourced through agency and those sourced through your bank staffing arrangement.
3. The figures (hours and spend for each of locum and bank) provided in answer to 2. broken down first by specialty and then grade of doctor.
4. The standard hospital hourly rate of pay for each of the specialties and grades listed in answer to 3.
5. The hospital and NHS capped rates for each of the specialties and grades listed in 3. if different to the rate listed in 4.
6. For each category created in response to 3. (i.e bank haematology registrars), the percentage of hours worked at standard rate, above the standard rate, and above the capped rate if different from the standard rate.
7. What penalties, if any, are levied against the trust if it exceeds the ‘capped’ rate.
8. What penalties were levied against the trust for breaking the cap in each of the years for which data has been provided.
9. If the trust utilises a Bank Partner, what is the cost of said Partner and how does this cost manifest e.g. lump sum, fee per position filled etc.

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