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1. How many patients have waited more than 12 hours in your A and E department in the last 3 years. Please break this down per month.
To be clear, this is since the patient arrived in A and E, not since decision to admit.

2. How many 12 hour decisions to admit patient did you report to NHS England in the last 3 years, please break this down per month.

This time frame is where you had to report a 12 hour breech to NHS England (it is typically taken after the patient has been in A and E more than 12 hours after decision to admit)

3. How many people came to A and E in the last 3 years, please break this down per month.
3a.Of these total number of patients, how many people were admitted to hospital for an inpatient stay – again please can you give me three years data, broken down per month.

4. Of those people that were admitted, in question 3 how many people breeched the 4 hour A and E target, per month for the last 3 years.

5. What was your percentage recorded rate of getting patients seen and out of the department in 4 hours, each month for the last 3 years? i.e. percentage of people who meet the 4 hour target.

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