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1] My question 2 was to supply email copies of appendices to the Adult Dying and Deceased Patient Policy and Procedure. The response was aimed at those using a windows-based computer system. I use a Mac so I was unable to access any of them. Please find a way for me to access the documents requested.

Not being able to access them and requesting them in a different format so that I can access them does not, in my view, constitute a DIFFERENT or FURTHER request. It is still the original request which was not met. Millions of people use Mac computers. A pdf format would, I believe, have allowed universal access, where the assumption of Windows use, automatically cuts out a whole swathe of the population.

2] In response to my question 5, point number 1, of the response, states that:

‘ On the day death notified to Bereavement, healthcare records are removed from the ward/unit, taken to bereavement for scanning ready for scrutiny by the Medical Examiner ‘

Then on the last page it states ” Previously and before the ME service started…’

A] I would like to know when the ME service started.
B] i. Did Bereavement use the scanning process of healthcare records in April/May 2020?
B] ii. If so, what system did they scan the healthcare records onto during April/May 2020?
B] iii. If not, then when did Bereavement start scanning healthcare records?

Download response Adult Dying and Deceased Patient Policy and Procedure and Bereavement procedures. 230821.docx