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To allow the Highways authorities to remove the damaged pedestrian footbridge following last weekend’s road traffic incident, a full closure of the M20 from 8pm Friday 2 September until 6am Monday 5 September is being initiated. The closures are:

• M20 junctions 1 and 4 in both directions
• M26 Coastbound at M25 junction 5
• M25 junction 3 clockwise fast link onto M20 coast bound
• M20 junction 1 coast bound on slip and M20 junction 1 main carriageway

A fully signed diversion route is in place:

• Traffic traveling London bound will be alerted to the planned closure at junctions 9 and 7 of the M20, with signs diverting them on to routes (A28 and A249) for the A2 and M2
• London bound traffic will be advised of a diversion at junction 6 of the M20 onto the A229 for the M2
• Local traffic can continue to junction 4 of the M20, at which point all London bound traffic will be taken off the motorway. Any traffic looking to continue London bound, will be turned around and sent back to junction 6.
• Coast bound traffic will be diverted on to the A2 from the M25.
• There will be no access to the A21 from junction 5 of the M25, drivers looking to travel south on the A21 from the M25 will be diverted to junction 4 and instructed to turn around.