General Information

As an inpatient

When you visit the Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust for planned care or surgery you will begin your stay at the hospital Admissions Lounge. The Admissions Lounge is a place where you can relax in the hospital while you wait for your care and your visitors can wait with you.

Our patients are asked to arrive at the Admissions Lounge at an appointed time up to a day before their planned care or surgery. While patients wait for their planned care or surgery, the appropriate medical staff will meet with them and ensure that they are ready for their treatment. For example the anaesthetist or surgeon will assess the patient to ensure that they are fit for surgery, which helps the Trust to keep cancellations to a minimum.

Helpful information about your stay in hospital

In order to make your visit to the hospital as smooth as possible we have put together some information on what to expect when you arrive and some checklists on what to bring with you:

Prior to your stay, watch this brief patient safety video on how you can help look after yourself while in our hospitals 

Pre-Assessment Clinic

Please note that the Trust has a separate Pre Assessment Clinic where patients are assessed to confirm whether they are fit for surgery before they are booked in for planned care.